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I had an issue when I signed up for advertising online, I was new to all this, I later found out that I had hired a third party company to handle my advertising for me, and I was NOT in complete control of my ad. They represented themselves over the phone as Google employee's. I later went though the whole payment issue with Google employees from Adwords, however, the rewards this company offered I never received, for instance, I was told if I were to spend $25.00 I would receive $100.00 in advertising. I also discovered two of my ads were running when I had paused them, you can imagine the frustration. Rather than explaining myself over & over I paid the amounts although I thought was unfair. Today, I was expecting a phone call that was set up yesterday between the hours of 1:30-2:30, I couldn't figure out why I didn't receive this call and as I returned to my account another unpaid noticed appeared, I did not run any ads at all today or since then,  however, I was required to pay another $25.00, and I paid it. I still haven't run any ads or received any rewards, can anyone explain that please, thank you.    

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It sounds like you have more than yourself on the account. 


You should review this information and learn about permissions offered with various access levels in AdWords and verify if you are the account holder, admin or ?


Next, you should use this information to determine if others are listed on the account and remove them if you do not want them on it and making changes. 


As for promotional codes for new accounts... that may not be possible any longer to you. I say this since there are many terms & conditions that must be met to use one, with the main one being that it must be applied to a new account within 14 days of creation. If you try to add one to an older account, the account will be suspended and that will end your use of AdWords. You can learn more about promotional codes for AdWords with this information. If your account is not over 14 days old (Caution: I would not try it if older than 14 days!), you can use this information to get a code directly from Google.  

As for charges on your account... if ad incur clicks, payment is due, period. Ads cannot turn themselves on, Google does not get hired for accounts or operate accounts... so someone else with account to the account is making changes to it. 


Your use and satisfaction or unhappiness with a third party is not something we can help with or comment on. We have no idea what relationship you have forged, what they were hired to do, what you have done (or not) and how all of it knits together. if you feel the third party is not working correctly for you, file a formal complaint against them. This information will help you understand what they need to do for you and whether or not they have breached it. That is between you two... and Google, if you file a complaint... but not something to discuss here. 


In the end, lots of scammers represent themselves as Google and each person must use extreme caution when someone contacts them and says they are Google. Google does not cold call people. 


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