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Beware of Third Party Scammers Posing as Google---- REVANA

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So, I just dodged a ridiculous attempt at a scam, and I want to get the word out so none of you fall victim to unfair sales tactics.  


"Hi, this is Brock Sanders, Google Adwords Specialist, here at Google."


It turns out, he wasn't with Google at all.  He's working a call center for a Phoenix, AZ called Revana --  The shocking thing is he knew our account email, customer ID, monthly budget, CTR, avg. CPC, etc.  


How in the world did this guy have such detailed information on my account?


He went a step further and directed me to the Adwords Account Access screen where someone from his company had already requested admin access to my account.  This was the biggest red flag of all, as Google reps already have account access anytime you call in.  


I have the call recorded, and I would like to push this incident straight to Google to crack down in Revana for deceptive sales practices. 

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Re: Beware of Third Party Scammers Posing as Google---- REVANA

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Hi there;

Revana is a third party working on behalf of  Google mainly to provide help for new accounts.

If you are unhappy with the service you should file a complaint;

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Beware of Third Party Scammers Posing as Google---- REVANA

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I was also contacted by Brock Sanders from Revana and I did not know he was associated with Revana because he did not mention it. Moreover I was impressed at how fast and diligent they were at helping get setup on Ad Words however; NOT impressed with the lack of follow up and how quickly I was forgotten I existed.

It would appear that the focus was to get you signed up as quickly as possible and so they (Revana) could get paid and then just leave you alone after that.

As of today, this is the third time since signing up 14 Days ago I was supposed to be contacted by Brock for follow up on my Ad-Wrods to begin "maximizing the marketing strategy" and I have had to call him. When I call i usually get his voicemail and I leave a message and he does not call back, I have to call him and hope to catch him. Once I get in touch with him he is too busy and needs to schedule me an appointment to call back, and guess what. He does not call back and the cycle continues.

Please not I am only adding my personal experience for others to get an idea that there is more going on to this than what they may have been told.