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Are Remarketing and DynamicRemarketing add "interchangable"?

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One of my clients has the remarketing and dynamic remarketing tags set up, but i only see ads created  for remarketing tag and not the dynamic re-marketing tag. 

They are not interchangeable, are they? Meaning if an ad is created for one tag, it is only for use with that tag, correct?


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June 2016

Re: Are Remarketing and DynamicRemarketing add "interchangable"?

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Hi Tomasz
You are correct, they are absolutely NOT interchangeable. They are COMPLETELY different ad formats.
Dynamic remarketing ads are not designed or set by you (not really anyway). You set the data that they should display in the ad using the dynamic remarketing setup. For most users, this is populated using data from the merchant center feed. You cannot control what gets displayed in these to a precise degree. That's the point.

Regular remarketing, you can set and design the ads like any other display ads. Dynamic remarketing is a completely different kettle of fish.They are not compatible in any way.