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Approved (limited) status

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Hi I Just started Ad words and noticed that I was approved but Limited status. Can you please review my request to make it Approved normally in order to get rid of being limited or let me know what changes I need to make to get me there. Thanks 

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Approved (limited) status

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check the policy-details column of the ad,
to determine the reason for limited-status --

if the reason relates to the destination performing poorly,
then inspect the landing-page and fix any issues related to
performance or display, especially on mobile devices.

if the reason relates to copyright, then remove any copyrighted content.

if the reason relates to targeting --
such as region, age, or device type,
then change those targeting details.

otherwise, if the reason relates to restricted/sensitive topics --
such as alcohol, gambling, health-care, not family-friendly, etc.,

then limited-status simply cannot be removed.

otherwise, if the limited-status was applied inadvertently

or inappropriately then simply contact google directly, to

ask for a manual approval.

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