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Approved Limited Ads

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I am running a call only Campaign.


All ads drive to the main landing page with the correct phone number.

I understand that the landing page in a call-only is never shown.


All the ads use the same number that is associated with the page.


Half the ads are approved and half of them are approved limited?


How is this possible as they drive to the same place?

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September 2016

Re: Approved Limited Ads

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Hi there,

If the only difference is the ad copy, logically that would the problem.

Could you give us examples of approved and approved limited ads?
(remove your phone number)

Approved Limited Ads

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I am having the same issue as this. One approved ad and the other two approved limited. 

I've got three ads in the same ad group, same landing pages, heading one etc. 

The only difference is the heading 2. 

Is there a reason? The ad copy in heading 2 is normal. 

Approved Limited Ads

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Sometimes ads show limited if you are using a trademarked term.