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Approved (Limited) Ads - where do they display?

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I am placing some ads to promote my storage drive for laptops by using the trademarked terms "MacBook", "Mac" and "Apple". As expected, the ads are limited approved by AdWords but I still let some of the ads with limited approval running. Surprisingly, the ads with limited approval perform even better than the fully approved ones, with more impressions and clicks. It clearly shows that they are not completely banned and my ads are showing to some people and I would like to know where the audiences are.


My question is: how can I check if the terms are banned in specific region(s) / devices? My ads are running in the States only and I guess not all the states are banned to show my ads?

Approved (Limited) Ads - where do they display?

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Hey Toby, how are things?


There isn't a place to check if a trademark is banned in specific regions, Google usually doesn't have this kind of information opened. There are some trademarks exceptions, which you can check over here:


About the limited ads, you may found some information here:


Other then that, only by reaching Adwords support or your Google manager representative:


Hope this helps.



Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click