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Anyone else seeing strange new SERP formats?

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Hello everyone, 


Has anyone else been seeing some strange results page formats in the Ad Preview Tool lately?


I've noticed a few oddities recently with the Ad Preview Tool:

  • More frequently showing SERPs without ads
  • Map pack in the middle of the SERP (sandwiched between organic with 1-2 ads on the bottom)
  • and now this, from top to bottom: Twitter panel, 8 organic results, Top stories, map pack (and no ads)




In my opinion, the search term is pretty odd to warrant a Twitter panel and top news stories... 


Anyone seeing other strange formats?



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Anyone else seeing strange new SERP formats?

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This seems to be another  format (among several) Google is testing.

I have seen SERP with no ads. Remember that there is a threshold of ad rank  for an ad to be shown.

>>" ...That's why every ad needs to meet a minimum Ad Rank threshold in order to show. You might often find that there are no ads on a page, even when an advertiser is bidding on the query that generated those results

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