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Another Creative In The Ad Group Was Selected Over This One Error For My Business Keywords

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Hello everyone I am new to google AdWords but have been highly dedicated to learning it myself for my business being that I don't have the budget to hire someone. I have ran into an issue where I am getting the "Another creative in the ad group was selected over this one" Error. The Keywords I am using  are as follows:

+Furniture +Disposal

+Furniture +Hauling

+Furniture +Removal

+Office +Furniture +Disposal (The only keyword that doesn't trigger the "error" and is running the ads in the ad group from)

+Office +Furniture +Removal 


My confusion is here, I am doing the modified broad match for the reason of from what I thought being able to monitor and run all of these keywords individually without issue. But it seems as if google is reading all of these keywords as similar and choosing one over the rest. This seems to be defeating the purpose of the modified broad searches function of separating those keywords out by themselves. If I am wrong then any help would be greatly appreciate but if I'm not wrong then I see some unfairness on googles part in not letting me optimize my adwords ad groups. Thanks for the help in advance!

Another Creative In The Ad Group Was Selected Over This One Error For My Business Keywords

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Hi @Paul M


That's not really an error. It's not seeing them as similar, but they can all be triggered by common search queries. Modified broad match just means those keywords with a "+" (or a close variant) have to be in the search query. So if for some reason someone searched with


"remove haul and dispose of office furniture"


Then any of your keywords could trigger. Currently, the term that's being triggered is the most specific keyword you have (along with office furniture removal). So it's really doing what you want it to do as it's more specific than any of the other keywords.



The first thing I would recommend is to look at your search term report to determine what search queries are triggering your ads. There may be variations you want to add as a keyword.


To send the search query to the most specific keyword I would make sure my keywords are in separate groups, then add group level negatives. For instance, add "office" to the groups with +funiture +disposal and +furniture +removal in it. However, in your situation that's about where I would stop with your current keywords. Otherwise you risk blocking search queries that have multiple keywords (i.e. disposal, hauling, removal) in the same search term.


Good luck.




Another Creative In The Ad Group Was Selected Over This One Error For My Business Keywords

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Hi Paul,

What that error really means is that another keyword in your ad group is gathering all the impressions and potential clicks while the other keywords are lying fallow.

This can be caused by a number of factors;

1. The keyword content might be more related to the Search Terms being received  compared to the other keywords. This is where the search term reports would come in handy. 


2. You might have placed a higher Bid on that keyword and Google AdWords tends to give the keyword with a higher bid more chances of showing up even when you have other related keywords that qualify in the same ad group. This would hinder the others from showing up.


3.  The third reason is quality score, since these keywords are quite related, the keyword with a better quality score will be favored to trigger the ad over those with a lower quality score.


All that being said, I'll suggest you experiment a bit.

Take out those two-word keywords, by that I mean these "+Furniture +Disposal

+Furniture +Hauling

+Furniture +Removal"


Move them to a new ad group and write an ad relevant to both keyword and landing page so they have a good quality score.


Then pause the other ad group for a while and allow this one run, say for 3 days.

I'm sure it won't give the same error message, once this ad group picks up steam you can then turn on the other one so they coexist. 


This way you have one ad group for the two word keywords, and one for these: 

"+Office +Furniture +Disposal

+Office +Furniture +Removal"


Also note that you can add "+Office +Furniture +Disposal

+Office +Furniture +Removal" as negative keywords on the new ad group, so it does not interfere with the other ad group and for better performance.


Goodluck with that. ☺