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Adwords fraudulent clicks

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We discovered this week that a single device, an Alcatel 5054N One Touch Fierce XL, has been clicking on our ads for over two weeks, it's cost us thousands of dollars.  This device has an area code listing of 650.  I've caught the phone number in our CRM, I have the complete phone number and I've provided it to Google Customer Support. 


Simply blocking the call from our systems, will not prevent this device from continuing to click on our ads and cost us money.


I have reported this issue to Adwords customer service, they say they've "escalated" the issue for research, but this issue continues.  We're in the highly competitive business of home repair services. Adwords helps us to be in front of customers at the point of need.  Right now it's just costing us money without any benefit. 


This device has a 100% bounce rate, 0% new user rate, yet generated over 150 unique sessions on our site.  Doesn't Google have some means to prevent malicious, fraudulent behavior, can you protect your paying customers? 

Re: Adwords fraudulent clicks

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It just happened again this morning, 5 clicks from the call-only campaign all within 10 minutes,, 5 five phone calls from the same phone number, this time from a 415 area code cell phone. Our budget it MAXed out again, without a single customer. and today I''m we have to wait up to 30 days to receive any potential credit back from Google. My "case" has been in a an "escalated" state for days now, without any update.