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Adwords conversion tracking errors

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Hello everyone,


I'm having a problem with my AdWords conversion tracking. It seems that the tracking code is implemented correctly (confirmed by Google Support), the conversion tracking is set to "One", not "Each", but even with all of these, we've had:



8 Conversions tracked on the 26th of February

Only 7 form submissions (and I have checked all of our conversion actions)

3 of these form submissions were actually the same person (even though the tracking is set to ONE)


The Google support team said that there might be a problem where some asterisks (*) might get removed from the code. Our website is built on Wordpress, and I have used a Code Box Module to input the tracking code. 


I have not encountered this problem before. It was me who developed the website, so I don't really have a developer which to ask what's going on.


Did anybody else encounter the same problem? Please help me find a solution if possible




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Adwords conversion tracking errors

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If the conversion is set to ONE, you shouldn't get more than one from the same conversion. WordPress altering the code won't be the cause - that can only stop the tracking working.


How do you know it was from the same person? The easiest way to tell is the search terms report, where 1 click equals 3 conversions.



Adwords conversion tracking errors

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Hi Rob,


Thank you for your reply. I just checked the search term report, and there was indeed one term with 2 conversions, but that's not how I was able to tell originally. I simply noticed that 3 form submissions were from the same email address and name.


The count for conversion tracking is still set to one though, so this shouldn't be happening at all. Therefore my confusion...