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Adwords and Google Not Profit Application Problems

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We have recently had our adwords account closed, without knowing. First I knew I'd gone on to update campaigns and it said the account had been closed two weeks prior. I didn't know that in order to retain our adwords that we had to ensure we'd registered with google not profit....and notifications had been sent to an old e-mail address so I hadn't known anything about it. So once I had figured out what the issue was I made an application through google not profit and got our validation code from tt exchange - all fine I think....then get told that the application is pending verification by the admin. Which means it has gone to the old e-mail address. Now I've spoken  to adwords support twice and they managed to talk me through becoming administrator on the adwords account....and they told me to make a new application to google not profit. I made about five or six and the same thing has kept coming up - application pending and that they will be in contact with the administrator of the account for verification. Problem is of course that I can't get access to that account. I managed to work out how to change the admin on the google not for profit and I've had an e-mail again saying that they need to verify with the current administrator and if they don't hear within 14 days that they will take a decision whether to appoint me as admin if they can verify I am a member of the organisation.


Do I really have to wait two weeks to get this sorted out??? Our website has slumped massively since the account closed and we desperately need our account back up and running again. Help!!!!

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Adwords and Google Not Profit Application Problems

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Hi Shantele, 


If i understand you correctly you do not have access to your AdWords admin user for your AdWords non-profit account? 


Who was your admin? 


If you need to reclaim your account you'll have to contact Google and ask them directly to transfer access to you. Keep in mind this may take some time and require some proof. 


Let me know if i understood correctly. 

- Josh

Joshua, Top Contributor
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