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Adwords account suspended after years of running ads for Circumventing Policy

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A web customer of ours: has contacted us as out of the blue in early June their adwords campaign was cancelled for "Circumventing Policies".  They have been running adwords campaigns for years, and never an issue.


They are clueless as to why as nothing had changed in eons (as in years).


I have to say btw that your notifications and explanations to your customers are shameful.  The customer tried to sleuth together with help from your phone support, and resubmit, and now they are apparently permanently banned.  Each time he contacted your  phone support he was given a completely different reason for the suspension:  site to slow (its not), possibly the theme (a complete red herring), and so on. He attempted to rectify per each reason he was provided, and then resubmitted.


After each failure, he contacted phone support again, was given a different reason.  The end result?  Now he has been advised by way of a cursory message:


Dear advertiser,
Thanks for your continued patience during this process. We’ve confirmed that your account is in violation of our AdWords policies. Since this decision is final, the account will not be reinstated. Please avoid creating additional AdWords accounts, as they will be subjected to the same suspension.

Our support team will not be able to give you any more specifics on the suspension.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.




This is the ultimate conundrum: we are kicking you in the [censored] but not going to tell you why.


What understanding and co-operation should he exhibit for such shameful direction and service? 


Any light you can shed on this issue would be welcome.  The gmail account associated with the website owner at google is .

Adwords account suspended after years of running ads for Circumventing Policy

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The same has happened to me, I received that after making a payment and with in days of them accepting my campaign, no explanation for the reason, and this affects my entire future to be able to run advert promotions on google.  


This is disgusting behaviour.  "Dont be evil"  was their slogan which was changed in 2015 to "Do the right thing"  - personally I will write an email and a letter to the address of Pichai Sundararajan.


This is abuse, and nothing more, to not give a valid reason, and to expect money,to accept a campaign, then for no reason review it, then terminate it with no reason given.


Hang your head in shame, how ever I am taking this to to top!!

Re: Adwords account suspended after years of running ads for Circumventing Policy

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Thanks for the totally useless response.  A bricks and mortar pawn shop is not against adwords policies as long as the business is registered and legitimate, which this business is, licensed under all requirements in California for pawn shops and loan practices defined in the statutes governing its operation.


Furthermore, the customer contacted google support and was given advice several times, all of which in the end was not only erroneous, but has seemingly contributed or if not been the outright reason for the final termination.


Circumventing policies is of course serious as its outcome is fatal to the customer, they are banned, but a review of the millions of threads that come up when it is applied by google reveal that it is used so frequently by google that one has the impression that the process is purely adhoc on the other side, with the caveat that it is so lacking in uniform decision making standards that the policy was created soley as a reason for banning without Google actually having to provide a real reason on what, how and why, which is exactly what it seems our client has experienced.


No idea how your answer was marked as the best answer as in fact it is no answer at all.  Conjecture and supposition are not helpful, facts from google are what are needed, and they seem to be totally absent.

Adwords account suspended after years of running ads for Circumventing Policy

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I've had similar issues with the same response from Google before.  Oddly enough once i got this email for an account and then 10 minutes later I got a call from another rep from Google saying congratulations your account ban has been lifted.  The account still works now so no idea why I got that email.


It really depends on who you get at Google as to how well of an explanation you get and also how the rep themselves interpret the policy you are supposedly violating.


The only way I have found to get around this is to use chat and have them go away to review a site with the actual person of authority then follow up with a call.  The team you first get in contact with typically has no clue, they can only 'advise', the team that has the final say and does the actual manual reviews is not reachable directly so you need to get the reps to consult with them first before speaking to them on the phone.  It is worth reading the policy they say you have violated again, make whatever changes you need too, even if they are a bit superficial and have your site reviewed here:


If it is clear you had made changes they will entertain the review and once they pass it you may be able to create a new account then.