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Adwords Feature - HUGE ERROR

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  • Prior to the device bid adjustsment roll out if an advertiser had one keyword eg [Widget] everythime someone searched for this keyword it would enter one auction for all devices.


However post device bid adjustment........


  • This keyword [Widget] should enter 3 seperate auctions. One for computers, one for mobiles, and one for tablets. As each seperate device will now enter a different auction due to the different volume of advertisers, different bids etc for each device


What im finding however since device bid adjustments rolled out if that the adwords system is still trying to calculate for just the one auction - even though each device should have its own.




  • Keyword estimates within account can often show values as a blank or null value.
  • Devices with good/great performance will be brought down by underperforming devices.


Ive consulted with support who've agreed with me on the above and will report back to the tech teams, and product managers however the more people who are aware of this the better.


How can they roll out these features without thinking of these consequences?!

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Adwords Feature - HUGE ERROR

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I think there was a misunderstanding here...

The auction is per device depending on the device in which the user is running the search, hence ad rank score (which is used to calculate ad rank) is per device.

"Ad Rank is calculated in the instant someone does a search that triggers your ad to compete in an auction. For Ad Rank, we take into account real-time signals such as the query and user context (e.g. type of device, language preference, location, time of day)"


Read also this white paper how Quality Score is calculated:



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Adwords Feature - HUGE ERROR

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Here's an example of what is being questioned.


One of the factors of quality score is CTR. CTR performance is not a set number, like 2%. It is the accumulated performance of every impression the keyword / ad has had. Each impression is judged by the position of the ad, and the performance of competing ads. Because CTR according to position will be different on mobiles. tablets and desktops, Google will take this into account. 


If you had an all devices campaign, and switch it to mobile only, does Google then only consider historical mobile CTR performance for QS, or all devices CTR?


My guess is that Google looks at the previous CTR performance of all devices. Google constantly reassesses QS, and whenever you make changes to bids or ad copy or keywords, it will take some time for QS to assess the new performance. This would also apply to changing a campaign to mobile only.


So I'm saying that QS is constantly in flux, and any improvements you make might not be reflected in QS straight away. Same goes for mistakes you make. 


Re: Adwords Feature - HUGE ERROR

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I have also contacted adwords support at mountain view as i am also experiencing missing data under the keyword estimated page bids - since devide bid adjustments was introduced.


The agent i spoke with suggested its a feasble query/issue that hes was willing to put forward at the highest level.


An example is below;


For a [keyword] search each device (post roll out) enters its own auction, each device will have its own estimated keyword bids for first page, top of page and top position.



Computer device could be £4 to get to top position

Mobile device could be £7 to get to top position

Tablet device could be £2.75 to get to top position


The account post this roll out is struggling to generate the estimates to advertisers as it doesnt know which values to show.