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Adwords Double Serving Policy

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Badged Google Partner

In regards to Google's double serving policy is there some sort of loophole that I'm not aware of? I've always assumed that if you have 2 sites that are affiliated with one another you couldn't run competing ads on separate accounts to basically monopolize the search results. 


I ran across this the other day when I was going through 1 of my clients accounts. (screenshot also below)


We are running a campaign for "Lawn Care" and when I did a search for it there was 1 company showing up 4 times in the paid search area. They are using different domains for the ads but it's the same exact company. They're really not trying to hide it since they are using their name in the headline of all of their ads. 


I can see how a company might want to try and sneak in 2 ads to monopolize the results... but honestly, 4 ads/campaigns? Google is seriously not catching this or even worse allowing this


I reported it to Google a few days ago but nothing has changed, they are still showing up several times for 1 keyword. That was why I wanted to reach out to see if anyone else has some experience with this and if this is something that I might actually take advantage of for some of my other clients. Is there some sort of loophole I am not aware of? Granted it feels super sleazy but if this is what we are allowing now I can't fall behind. 


Any help would be highly appreciated.




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Re: Adwords Double Serving Policy

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@Brian S


They get around it by working with lead generation companies which are essentially acting as affiliates. You are absolutely right though, it makes for a poor user experience.

Re: Adwords Double Serving Policy

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David K

Thanks for your reply.. It was my understanding that affiliates (in the
most part) are not allowed to run ads, for the most part anyways. It seems
like their might be some exceptions but from what I recall the explanation
isn't exactly clear.

If you checkout the site's that are shown in the image I added to my
initial post they aren't exactly affiliate sites. They are other site's
that TruGreen owns. When you think of affiliates, typically you think of a
site with multiple offers from multiple companies. The sites that are
showing in the results on that image are TruGreen sites, they're just on
different urls.

It's been a week since I reported the issue and it's been nearly a week
since they (Google) opened an investigation and their ads are still
showing. It's absolutly crazy, if this was me doing it I would have been
shut down before I even started running ads.

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Re: Adwords Double Serving Policy

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@Brian S;

Affiliate are perfectly fine as long as it complies with the Policy;

Since affiliate is a separate "stand alone" business  entity, there is no violation of the "gain unfair advantage" section of the Policy (formally known as "double serving")


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Re: Adwords Double Serving Policy

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@Brian S


not necessarily. There are customer acquisition companies that work exclusively with certain brands. is an example of that.  They do a lot of stuff for DirecTV, but don't work with Dish Network.  Here is the site they use to advertise on Adwords and do SEO for:


I don't think TruGreen owns these others site or the Adwords accounts running them. Most likely the calls and form submissions are being tracked and TruGreen are paying these people on a performance basis.

Affiliates are allowed to advertise, but it was my understanding that the actual brand and then only one affiliate can compete in the same auction.  This goes well beyond that. From a UX experience, calling any of the sites in questions all lead to the same place, which makes for a poor user experience.