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Adwords Client Account Suspended / Impact on MCC

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Hello Adwords Community! This is my first time posting, so I will try to be as accurate as possible with my issue and if any experts are willing to provide some help or guidance it would be greatly appreciated!


I have been managing Adwords campaigns for a few years now, and overall I have have had few problems and any issues that arose were typically ones where it was easy to resolve (landing page issues, disapproved ads, etc.)

However, in May I was asked to manage an account which became my first "problem child" and it has been a rough ride ever since. The client account (not my MCC) got suspended due to unspecified policy violations recently, and today a final decision came down that the suspension is permanent with absolutely no explanation of the policies which were violated.


Can anyone offer any insight as to what policy might have been violated, so I can learn from this mistake for the future?


Also, does anyone know how the client account getting suspended will impact my MCC, other accounts currently running under my MCC, and accounts that I might want to setup under, or link to, my MCC in the future?

Since it will probably be helpful to offer some details I am providing some details of the account which got suspended below:


- Client account was running a few days about a month before I was hired and added it to MCC

- After linking the account to my MCC, I setup a new campaign (created ads, set keywords).

- Full Disclosure: Although client does not offer payday loans, the service they offer targets people who currently have payday loans and are seeking help, so the keywords, ad copy, and site contained many references to payday loans

- Immediately after creating the new campaign, the account was suspended due to "suspicious behavior in the payment activity" and they suspended the account " to prevent any unauthorized activity".

- After going through the process to lift suspension and show that the account had not been compromised, the clients credit card which was setup for billing info was removed by google (As it seems it was their card which was cause of "suspicious behavior"), they added a different card and campaign began running normally, with all ads set by google as "Approved (Limited)" due to consumer advisory about payday loans. No ads created were ever disapproved.

- After a few weeks of advertising, last Friday the account was suspended again, this time due to the unspecified policy violations.

- Customer support was contacted but could not (or would not) help me to identify the policies which were violated, and said that we have to file an appeal to get the account reinstated. I filled out the appeal form as instructed. No changes were made on the account, as I had no clue what to change.

- Today, the final word came down that the suspension is permanent, still no info on what policy was violated.


I would be happy for any help, advice, or wisdom that the community can offer, and want to thank you in advance for taking the time to help me out.

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Re: Adwords Client Account Suspended / Impact on MCC

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generally, pay-day loans is an extremely sensitive area --
google corporate has banned advertising products related
to pay-day loans, in addition to the loans themselves.

if nothing can be done to fix a suspension
then, usually google will not offer any details --
google may suspend a customer's ability
to participate in the program, at any time.

a my-client-center (manager) is not an actual account,
so cannot get suspended; only actual (linked) accounts
or associated websites can get suspended.

multiple accounts under an mcc can certainly be suspended --
but each account, website, and ad, are evaluated with respect
to the policies, not other accounts.

normally, a suspension of one account does
not affect any other account under an mcc.

in very rare cases, all associated accounts may get suspended and the mcc
may not be able to create/link any new accounts; but this is remarkably rare.

see also

Re: Adwords Client Account Suspended / Impact on MCC

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Thanks Celebird for taking the time to provide some feedback on my inquiry. You are definitely right that payday loans as an industry is considered highly sensitive by google, and I'm sure having the "suspicious behavior in the payment activity" issues which arose from the client credit card did not help.

I really appreciate you helping me out with the question about my MCC account. I'm glad the MCC won't be adversely impacted by the suspension of this client account, and that each client account gets evaluated separately. I will definitely play it cautious in the future to make sure I don't bring on any clients whose industries are considered "high risk" by Google to protect the integrity of my MCC and my ability to continue helping clients to advertise on Google.

Re: Adwords Client Account Suspended / Impact on MCC

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One additional note: Your MCC is monitored. We have seen (though very rare) cases in which too many suspended account under one MCC resulted in MCC level suspension (yep, rare to happen - but could). So, my advice: do some research about  a prospective client  past history (with Google) prior to acquiring a the client.


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Re: Adwords Client Account Suspended / Impact on MCC

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Thanks for the additional input MosheTLV, I think thats a really great idea to do more background research on potential clients. I definitely will put that idea into practice to protect myself and my business. Obviously this would include asking the client about past advertising and history wiith Google, and if they have an existing account would also include investigating the history of that account.

Is there any other ways you can think of to get an idea of clients past history with Google besides the ways I mentioned above?

Re: Adwords Client Account Suspended / Impact on MCC

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@Elliott F;

I also do a search (as much as I can) about the history of the domain (not always this info is available)


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