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Adwords Ad rejected

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I want to advertise on google but my ad was recently rejected because i mentioned an fb link in the website address, do i need to create my own personal website or 
Wil the wordpress or any other blogging site work with the google adv?
What if i mention more than 15-20 keywords?
I dont understand the optimisation options and am confused which one to select, how should i decide?
Adv is on a low budget and is regarding finding abusiness partnership

Re: Adwords Ad rejected

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Hi Harsh.

If I understand your first question, you had tried to create an ad where the destination address was a URL. This will not work, as google will only accept advertising that directs people to a domain that you (or your client) own.

You will need to create a website and have any ads created point to your own website (or a clients website). The website can of course be a wordpress site. You just need to build the site on your own domain in order to make sure that the domain is accepted by Google.

As far as your second question about keywords, you can use as many keywords as you want for adwords, both for selecting the target keywords for campaign and creating ads to effectively capture traffic searching for those keywords.

If you are asking about mentioning keywords on the landing page of your site, that is more of a search optimization question/issue and has nothing to do with adwords, other than the basic rule that an adwords landing page should be highly relevant to the keywords you are targeting and the ad copy you are using.