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Adwords Account Suspended & not able to Create New

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Hi Team,

My name is Vishal and I have 2 MCC Accounts with Credit Line(Invoicing) from Google.

I use these MCC to manage Client Accounts as well as to run affiliate promotions, recently i noticed, my Adwords accounts under MCC are being suspended due to policy violation, but when i had a word with Adwords support team they refused to tell me which policy has been violated. 


I created new accounts under the same MCC but all account got suspended within 30 mins of creation, initially it seems that my MCC was the issue which was linked to Suspended Accounts so i decided to Scrap entire MCC & create NEW, I created new email ids & created 2 New MCC with my Existing ISP & Desktop/Mac. I used Google Adwords Editor to copy the campaigns (No Ad Copy) from OLD MCC to New MCC, i created new ad copies with same Text as old with new tracking domain in every campaign manually. As i finished setting up the new campaigns i Added 1 new MCC to the OLD Credit line on which previous 2 MCC are still active. After few hours i was shocked to see that all accounts that i created were Suspended again.


Now please tell me what parameter is still Flagging my Accounts as Suspicious because of which adwords is suspending my accounts within 30 mins of Setup.


Is that my IP Address (but i think it is dynamic)  or

is it my Computer Mac Address or any User Agent or any Number or

My Credit Line 

or my Domain Names or Tracking URL


please suggest how to create new accounts without getting suspended.

Thank You

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Adwords Account Suspended & not able to Create New

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Creating new accounts and later new MCC  without fixing the violation was a huge mistake.

You have reached an MCC level suspension - a rare case of MCC account suspended due to multiple violations of the accounts like to the MCC.

Based  on the sequence of events you described when creating the new MCC, it looks that you are suspended from advertising with Google for good.  No matter what action you take.

I would advise you to find another platform to promote the business.   I don't see any opportunity with Google.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Adwords Account Suspended & not able to Create New

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No But my MCC is not Suspended, my Sub Accounts has been suspended