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Ads still showing for Paused Campaign Weeks Later

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So I have paused a collection of ads for a client because the ad copy was out of date.  I created new ads in their place. 2 weeks later the client is emailing me to say she still sees the out-dated ad copy and I believe her since she is sending screen grabs. I have confirmed that all the ads with outdated copy are paused. What could lead to them still getting impressions? Is it a browser cache issue perhaps?

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Re: Ads still showing for Paused Campaign Weeks Later

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Hi Alan,

Are you sure that there isn't another AdWords Account serving Ads for this website?  Like maybe an old legacy Account and/or an affiliate advertiser trying to drive traffic for this website?  If you've for sure paused these Ads they should not be running and still getting Impressions.


One thing to check - make sure the Ads that you want paused are paused in every Campaign, every Ad Group, of your AdWords Account.


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