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Ads showing after the campaign has ended

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Hello, my ads are still showing on placement websites - although the campaign has ended and was removed from my panel. Any suggestions? 

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Re: Ads showing after the campaign has ended

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Hi @Sircles G where are you seeing that your Ads are still running?  From data shown in AdWords, visual checks of sites or something else?

Bear in mind data in AdWords is not real time, so if a Campaign ended or was paused, you might see figures update for some hours afterwards.


The only other explanation is that there is still a Campaign running somewhere.



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Re: Ads showing after the campaign has ended

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Hi @Sircles G

Google Adwords sometimes do not stop showing ads immediately. I have seen instances where AdWords sometimes keeps advertising for up to couple hours after the scheduled turn off. If this is the instance call google adwords support, explain your situation, they'll usually credit you the over spent amount after your scheduled turn off time. Make sure you pull your reports and can support your claim during the call.

If it has been days and you don't see ad spend or activity in your account AND you still see your ads on placement websites. You should check a couple things:
1. is it your ad to start with? could someone else be showing your ad? an agency hired? another team?
2. did you mistakenly upload the ad to another campaign or the placement to another ad group?
3. did you refresh your browser? maybe it's showing you a cached version of your site?

Re: Ads showing after the campaign has ended

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Hi Sircles G,

Are your running display remarketing campaign?

Your main display campaign may be paused, but the ads are still served from your remarketing campaign.

Just a possibility.


Re: Ads showing after the campaign has ended

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I already stopped all the running campaigns, so there is no chance that ads are running from another campaign.
also, the campaign is stopped for more than 3 weeks !!
please advice