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Ads are still not running

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Ive had an adwords account for about 3 weeks now. I have 3 ads that say they have been approved and should be running but are not. Ive asked this question about 3 times now and still have yet for someone to help me fix it. All 3 ads have been approved, my CPV and daily budget are both high enough for all of them, but my ads are still not running. 


Why is it not working?



Ads are still not running

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Hi There @MaxxWell Q


CPV so it is a video campaign? 


What are your targeting methods? 

There are a number of things that causing these.


Here are some options to review:

If you have opted in to bid and target then go for bid only. 

If you have selected on video only for your ads to show on this could also be the reason, your target is too narrow. 


Or perhaps you dont have targeting methods at all. 


If you can walk me through the campaign set up and what you done then I can give further advice. 

Ads are still not running

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@MaxxWell Q I am more than happy to assist but if you want a quicker response then perhaps go to the gear on the top right corner and see if live chat is available, they can then look at the account and advise exactly what the issue is and how to assist in fixing.