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Addwords dont read my merchatcenter ID

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I have made a new merchant center account and linked it to my old addwords account. But when i want to set up a google shopping add it says the my old merchant center id is no longer linked so there are no products showing....the new merchant center account is linked instead so why dont it take products from there?

Is it becourse they are "pending" in merchant center from my shopfeed?






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Addwords dont read my merchatcenter ID

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the linked ad-account-id must be active and valid --
the linked merchant-center-account must also be
confirmed/approved within the linked ad-account.

check the linking both within the ad-account and
directly within the merchant-center-account --
be certain that a green-check-mark is seen,

under the status-column of the account-linking page:

wait until all items have been reviewed; then, resubmit

the data (feed), within the merchant-center-account, so

submitted items may be funneled into the linked ad-account.

usually, only products with a searchable-status will show under
the shopping-campaign's product-group, in the linked ad-account --
items with a pending-status may take 72-hours or so, to be reviewed;
items, websites, and businesses may be re-reviewed at any time.


a best-practice is not to resubmit the data (feed) until

after the first pending (review) status has been replaced;

usually by either a disapproved or searchable status --

all disapproved items should be either fixed or removed

if no fix is possible.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any accounts --
the best likely course would be to contact google directly.

see also


Addwords dont read my merchatcenter ID

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Thanks a lot i will try this Smiley Happy