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Addwords and missing attributes

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Hi folks,
I have a website selling military antiques, it’s been going now for about 5 years and started life as a HTTP:// address, and it was designed around “Joomla”.
Due to the fact that I sell antiques which comes under the heading of custom goods, I applied to google for an “Attribute Exemption”, which they very kindly granted. This all worked fine up to about 12 months ago when we started having big problems with Joomla, so I decided to bite the bullet and have a new website designed and rebuilt around Wordpress, this time we went with a HTTPS:// address. We had a few teething problems at first but eventually got it working ok and my audience overview started picking up again quite nicely but then last week it dropped, quite dramatically. I have been through everything I can think of to find out why it dropped but everything is all showing good with no errors anywhere that I can find, so no reason for it to drop other than the following items, “Missing Recommended Attributes” and “No Linked AdWords Account.” (see images)
I thought the “missing recommended attributes” were covered by my original ‘Attribute Exemption’, although I didn’t re-apply for the new site as I didn’t change the web address, just the http:// to https:// so I did not think that I needed to. As for the “No Linked AdWords Account” I did not think it was compulsory to have this, I guess that due to the fact I’m selling on the website it makes me an ecommerce site. Does this make any difference, do I have to have a “Linked AdWords Account” and do I have to re-apply for a “Attribute Exemption”.
Hope all this makes sense.


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Re: Addwords and missing attributes

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I have been trying for 20 minutes to upload images onto this forum without success, could someone please tell how to do it please.

Thank you.

Re: Addwords and missing attributes

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Hopefully this has fixed the problem, the images are at the following links "I Hope".

Sorry about the separate posts.



Image 1


Image 2


Image 3

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Re: Addwords and missing attributes

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first, thank you for all the images --

forum-members cannot look into accounts.

(1) age_group, color, gender, and size attributes
are required for all apparel clothing items and
must be submitted with proper and exact values,
regardless of the (apparel) item's age or condition.

otherwise, such recommendations are simply that -- recommendations,
for improving performance in the auctions; any such recommendations
may otherwise be ignored, for all other types of items.

there is no need for any exemption.

exemptions were (only) for global-trade-data and
is now indicated by submitting the identifier_exists
attribute with an exact value of FALSE

if all items are submitted with identifier_exists FALSE
then, all global-trade-data (brand, mpn, gtin) attributes
may simply be deleted from the feed altogether.

(2) to transition from http to https --
simply verify that the website has been verified within
the webmaster-tools-account (search-console) and the
site has been claimed within the merchant-center-account.

then, change any related http values to
https within the submitted data (feed)
and resubmit the data (feed).

(3) linking is required.

items with a searchable status within the merchant-center,
must match a product-group in an active shopping-campaign,
within the linked account, in order to be assigned a bid,
to participate in the auctions.

groups of items are assigned a bid via
product-groups within the linked-account.

google-shopping is now a highly competitive advertising auction --

all results shown within google-shopping are product-listing-ads;
results in the auctions are determined by the bid and quality factors --
mainly the quality of all attribute data submitted (in the feed).


only items with enough bid and quality will be seen.

a bid is required; cost is per-click.

(4) as an aside, any vintage or antique items must be submitted with
a condition value of used or is otherwise grounds for disapproval or,

a suspension from the program, at any time.

see also


Re: Addwords and missing attributes

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I take it that if I move over to AdWords I will have to start paying for my website to be shown on a google search, is that correct..

Re: Addwords and missing attributes

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there is no concept of moving.

product-listing-ads (google-shopping)
is paid advertising; the cost is per click.

google-search is separate and apart from any
paid ads -- organic google-search is (still) free.


see also