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AdWords not spending its budget

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Hey guys,


I'm currently managing the AdWords account of a new client and we have some issues with correct spending (even before I took over the account).


Our budget is $500 per day, yet we only spend $27 today so far. A few of the things I tried:


1. Increasing bids significantly

2. Using different ads

3. Removing negative keywords

4. Accelerated ad delivery


None of these had a (relevant) effect so far. We got some clicks and also a few conversions every day, but we are not even closely to spending our budget. Our keyword list and industry (beauty) should easily be able to deliver enough impressions for our budget.


Do you have any suggestions what to do next?

Thank you!


AdWords not spending its budget

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How close is impression share to 100 percent? How close is average position to first place?


If share and/or position are low, focus on improving AdRank (short term: increase bids more).


If share is high, either you've misjudged the target, or your ads are bad. Expand your targeting and write better ads.