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AdWords lowering bids, while suggesting they be raised

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In one of my campaigns, AdWords suggests I raise my bids for several of my keywords receiving the most clicks, given they are not appearing much on the first page with the current bid. Having seen this, I went ahead and adjusted my bids above the suggested amount - only to find hours later that the bids were back to their previous level, and AdWords was still suggesting the be raised. I tried raising my bids again, and same result: soon after I've raised the bids, they return to their original level, and AdWords continues suggesting that I raise my bids?


Could this have anything to do with the bidding strategy? I'm currently using automatic CPC, with Target search page location. If it isn't the bidding strategy, what could it be?




Jordan Irvine

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Re: AdWords lowering bids, while suggesting they be raised

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Hi @Jordan I if you're using Automatic bidding of any kind then that'll be changing your Max CPC bids, so that's why they keep changing back.  It's odd that the suggestion is coming up - you'd think AdWords would know it was in control of bids - but it's not actually that surprising, it's not uncommon to find one hand of AdWords not knowing what the other is doing...


If you want to control these Keywords yourself, you could change their individual bid strategy to "Manual CPC", which would then give you full manual control.  Just select the Keyword(s) then click the "Bid Strategy" button, choose "Use Another Strategy" and pick "Manual CPC" (down the bottom of the list).



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AdWords lowering bids, while suggesting they be raised

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Thanks Jon, that seems to have solved it.