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AdWords acct sign up

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 I get that since I bypassed the original screen accidentally that I am stuck putting in cc information. I am find with that. HOWEVER I do not want to run an ad. My site is hardly setup, i am trying to learn about optimizing it and was told that AdWords keyword planner tool was a great place to start. 


So going through this process and ad actually ran. I cancelled the account because it was the only way I could figure out how to quickly stop this campaign.


Had a text chat with support and they said clear cookies and cache, done - then go back in and sign up. 


Still at cc information screen I don't want to go any further because I don't want the same thing to happen. 


HOW do I put in cc information without actually running an add campaign? I can't even find the keyword tools of which some responses mention. 


Thanks much


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Re: AdWords acct sign up

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Hi Teri,

In some countries, user needs to add CC information for creating a new AdWords account. Google will not charge a singly penny for this. When you start a campaign. It will start to charge the money.

Don't worry, you can use Keyword planner without paying a single penny, so first complete the AdWords account signup process.
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: AdWords acct sign up

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Ok I get that somehow I can use it without placing an ad, but I don't understand HOW to activate it without writing an ad

it won't let me past any of the setup without putting in the domain, add & cc information

and then once the add is written and the bids are put (because it is required to advance and use the tool) it automatically activates the add.

I can't find exact steps on how to suspend the ad after the immediate sign up
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Re: AdWords acct sign up

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Hi Teri,

It was quite a long time ago when I had to set up a new AdWords account, so my post may not be very up to date. I just want to tell you that you should not be afraid of creating an initial campaign in case the system does not allow you to finish the setup in another way. No matter what type of campaign you create you'll always have 10-15 minutes to delete it without accruing costs. You'll have much more time for that if you manage to select "Display Network Only" as your campaign type. When prompted, set the budget and the bids to the lowest possible values.

Now when you are done with all the above, select the CAMPAIGNS tab at the top of your page, select the checkbox next to the newly created campaign, find the EDIT drop-down a bit higher, and click on REMOVE. If nothing else, that will do the job.


Re: AdWords acct sign up

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exact steps on how to pause (suspend) or remove a campaign are currently here:

(1) if the account has been fully created and the entire
sign-up flow has been completed, including billing details
and a campaign then, the tools-tab should appear atop the
main menu-bar, aside home, campaigns, and opportunities;
keyword-planner will then be under the tools-tab:

if the sign-up flow also requests a campaign then,
simply create and immediately pause the campaign.

important: be absolutely certain that all campaigns are paused;
otherwise, the advertising clicks will be continually charged --
no matter how well or poorly designed the campaigns may be.

also note that an account can never be entirely removed;
accounts can only be canceled, put in a quiescent state --
canceled accounts can be reactivated by you at any time,

and any active ads will start again, until paused or removed.

(2) however, if an account has been fully created and the entire sign-up flow
has been completed, including a (paused) campaign and proper billing but,
the keyword-planner still cannot be accessed or an issue still exists then,
a support-specialist may be contacted directly --

(3) otherwise, keyword-planner is mainly for paid advertising campaign
research -- not for general keyword or search-term related analysis;
google-trends is available for general keyword and search-term analysis
and currently requires no billing information and no account whatsoever.

see also


Re: AdWords acct sign up

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Thank you Celebird - exactly what I needed

Re: AdWords acct sign up

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Thank you Lakatos - you and Celebird got me directed properly. I appreciate the help from both of you