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AdWords account is suspended

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I recently(just now) decided to give AdWords another try, when I logged into my account it said that I needed to setup my billing, so I did that and then I manually add $10 to the account.

When I did that it then says that my account is suspended and I have no idea why because I haven't used the AdWords in more than 3 years. The $10 is on the account but the account is suspended.

I contacted support not to long ago and I decided to post my message here to get additional help.

When will my suspension be removed? Will I be able to get back my money? What should I do, wait?

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Re: AdWords account is suspended

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Badged Google Partner

Try to enable the "Policy details" column under your ads tab and see what they are suggesting is wrong with the account. Other then that Google is slow sometimes. Some things take up to 24 hours to fix. 


Here is a link to some Information about how to fix a suspended site.


Hope that helps. 


Re: AdWords account is suspended

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I don't see an "ads tab" on the AdWords Dashboard, how exactly do I enable "Policy details"?

Re: AdWords account is suspended

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Check out the screen shot below on how to see this information. 

1: Click on the Ads tab

2: Click Columns

3: Click "Add" beside the Policy Details. 


Policy Details.png

Re: AdWords account is suspended

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Ok, it says "Site suspended Site policies: User safety".

I have removed ALL the ad campaigns, which were created over 3 years ago for testing purposes.

Now what do I need to do now, to get my account suspension removed?

Re: AdWords account is suspended

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Badged Google Partner

The Word "User Safety" should be a link, if you click it is should take you to the Help center that will guide you through what you need to do to fix the Issue. 


When you are sure you fixed the issue, you can resubmit your account for Review. But make sure that it is fixed, or Google could suspend it again for Repeat offender.


To Resubmit this account, click on the link (I gave you earlier) and under step 3 there is a link called request a review of your site. Fill out the form and Resubmit. 


If you need more guidance on this issue, in that same link at the top of the page, click on Guide me and Google does a great Job of helping you fix the issues. 


Hope that helped. 

Re: AdWords account is suspended

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Ok, this is what I did.

I removed all the test ads from 3 years ago and now they say there is nothing they can do.

Ok fine, at this point I have lost all interest in AdWords, so facebiook ads and linkedin ads it is.

But I made a payment of $10 on October 5th, 2015 and I want my money back.
The money has indeed been taken from my bank account and is in my AdWords account despite my account being suspended which makes no sense. If the account is suspended why take my money.

Anyways, Google is telling me that they can't refund my money, which is BULL%@#&, my money doesn't grow on trees and if I can't spend it, I want it back in my pocket.

Someone sort this out ASAP, thanks.

Re: AdWords account is suspended

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Ok Terry,

I accept that my account is suspended and that can't me changed.
And at the present moment, I don't care to have an AdWords account.

My concern right now is to get the money on my AdWords account, back in my pocket.

I wrote to the "AdWords Team" and this is the response:
"If you have a credit balance in your AdWords account and looking for a refund, please dispute the charges directly with the bank. Unfortunately, at this point of time there isn't much that can be done from our end."

Why is Google AdWords refusing to give me back my money, are they trying to ROB me?
This is unacceptable and would discourage anyone from using AdWords in the future.

Why must I dispute the charges with my bank? they didn't take my money, Google AdWords took my money.

I could see the balance sitting in my AdWords Account, I want it bank in my bank account. I can't use the credit because my account is suspended.

Why am I being taken advantage of by Google AdWords??

Can someone give me some advise please???

Re: AdWords account is suspended

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi there,

I can't help you on the forum since this involves sensitive account information, but please respond to the email I've sent you with additional questions.