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AdWords Manager (MCC) account data refresh?

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Hi guys,


I wanted to understand when an AdWords Manager account actually refreshes data from it's linked accounts? When does it refresh data and with what frequency?


I wanted to know this as all the linked accounts have different time zones and MCC has a different one - moreover, I want to export data to a third party app.


This information will help me in scheduling my scripts accordingly so that all data flow is happening properly.

AdWords Manager (MCC) account data refresh?

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This may help:

My Client Center

Please note that all statistics on the My Client Center Performance and Budget tabs may not contain complete data for activity that occurred in the past six hours. However, all reports generated from the Client Reporting tab reflect the most up to date AdWords data.


Your metrics may occasionally be updated one or more days after a click occurs. This can happen for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • When a conversion occurs days after the initial click
  • When we detect invalid traffic that needs to be removed

If adjustments are made to any billable events (e.g. clicks) in a subsequent month, they will be listed as billing adjustments.


To know more: Determining your data's freshness