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AdWords Login Account Loop

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One of my users is experiencing a stubborn account loop.

User can initially sign in to AdWords account once first given access, but after first login, the user's sign in loops in stages Google Account Login > Select Account > page reloads to Google Account Login. The second Google Adwords account that appears leads to a new account set up page, which I've already tried to delete. This doesn't appear to be session or cache based as this occurs both in a signed in browser, and in an incognito window. This is a new account set up.

It's worth noting that this user also has a similar issue with their Google Analytics account, which I'm also finding troublesome.
I've read through most of the forums for similar issues. Any new insight would be appreciated.

AdWords Login Account Loop

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The first debugging step i would recommend is to try it with a different computer.  This will greatly narrow the problem down, as to whether it is a client-side, or server side issue.


The more different, the better.  If they are on Windows 10, try on different machine from Windows 7.  Or OSX even better.


If the problem occurs on a different machine, then try it from the different machine, on a different network.  e.g. from a laptop at Starbucks, vs on their home (e.g. Comcast) network.

Likely this is something you will need to call Google to resolve, but having that information will put you a step ahead.  And if it is client side, there may be someone in this forum that knows how to resolve it. 



AdWords Login Account Loop

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Can someone please call me, I don't know how to log into my account that I set up.