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AdWords Audience Targeting: Errors for Search Campaigns

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About two weeks ago, Customer Service helped me with a bug we discovered for changing Search Campaign audience targets from Target & Bid to Bid Only settings: Web UI & Editor showed Bid Only, but actual settings for the campaign audiences turned out to still be Target & Bid. I had made the first change in Web UI, synced Editor, and made more changes in Editor that I uploaded. They said it was a bug on their side that turned out to be affecting more accounts than ours, and within 5 days a solution was pushed.


Last week Tuesday, I coached a different client through adding Bid Only audience targets to one of his search campaigns. We were working together at his computer, and he made the changes. I verified that he added the audience as Bid Only targeting to the campaign and told him what had happened with my other client. When he loaded the audiences from Editor, they were pushed as Target & Bid. Downloading Recent Changes back to Editor now showed the audiences as Target & Bid Only.


We've paused the audiences and in all my clients I'm avoiding using audiences on search campaigns for the moment.


Anyone else experiencing issues with settings switching between Bid Only and Target & Bid when loading from Editor? Does anyone have issues doing this in the Web UI?


I'd like to hear that it's working for others before I try again with my clients, who both have a bad taste in their mouths after having their search traffic choked way down after the bugs.

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AdWords Audience Targeting: Errors for Search Campaigns

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I'm not aware of any bugs or problems in this area.


Note that there are two separate settings in Editor that affect audience targeting, and that can be independently set to Target and Bid vs Bid Only. One is on Campaigns view, Flexible Reach sub-tab - that one only affects campaign-level user lists under that campaign. The other one is on Ad Groups view, Flexible Reach sub-tab, and only affects ad group-level audiences under that ad group. Make sure you are configuring the setting at the right level.


On Audiences view, Targeting Setting column reflects the setting currently in effect for each audience (but again, you need to switch to Campaigns or Ad Groups view to actually modify it; there are links at the bottom of Audiences edit pane that take you there).


Also confirm that you are running Editor 11.8 (released about a week ago) - that's the first release that supports campaign-level user lists and campaign-level flexible reach setting.