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AdWords Accounts Poorly Set Up by "Google Rep"

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My agency has taken on a new client. When we proposed implementing the AdWords platform into their marketing campaign, they indicated that they had tried it before and it the campaign failed with zero conversions. They said that a Google rep came in and set up the campaigns for them. They doubted our abilities to run, optimize, and maintain a successful AdWords campaign. When we checked out their AdWords account to see what went wrong, we found that the campaign was a disaster. It looked like it was set up by someone who had no idea what they were doing.


The first thing we noticed was that the conversion tracking was improperly implemented so it showed 0%. Display ads were poorly designed and had no call to action. There were only two sizes for two separate ads. Campaign was disorganized and didn't follow Google's guidelines on setting up a functional campaign. His total clicks were half the number his competitors were receiving with the same ad spend. 


They spent about 7K on a campaign that was doomed from launch and they claim that a Google rep came in and set it all up for them. Now they think that everyone in the field of SEM is motivated by predatory ambitions and business models. This makes our job a lot harder in earning their trust and convincing them that the AdWords platform and PPC, display ad, and remarketing campaigns will actually help them. We only want the best for our clients because their success ensures ours. What should I do? How do I know that an actual Google rep did this and would they? Or was it someone acting in violation AdWords third-party policy? 


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Re: AdWords Accounts Poorly Set Up by "Google Rep"

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@Zachary C

Well...  AdWords is not a math induction. A single failure (for n=1) does not establish a general  rule (for every n.... Smiley Surprised )

Show them other success stories by your agency. You can find plenty more in our "user articles" section and on   "think with Google" web site,

Suggest to run another test campaign with a limited budget. 


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Re: AdWords Accounts Poorly Set Up by "Google Rep"

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
Whether it was a Google rep or not, the nonsense doesn't surprise me. AdWords is not a set it and forget it proposition.

Unfortunately, there are some businesses/clients who don't understand digital advertising is different, and they can't/won't see things from any perspective other than "traditional media buying". So they did(n't?) pay someone to "set it up", spent all their money, and only then did anyone bother to try and figure out what was actually going on... You can't fix their dysfunction, no matter what you say or do. Maybe you can get their business, but that doesn't mean you would actually want the headache in the long run.