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AdWords Account Disabled -> Google can't reactivate

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I have contacted Google 5 times in 3 days and the 30+ times in 6 months for a recurring issue that is yet to be resolved.

My ad is routinely disabled by Google for reasons pasted below.- Goggle admits this is done in error and is meanwhile unable to restore said ad. Google staff have made repeated assurances that the add will "resume serving within 24 hours", although this is never the case.

Telephone conversations typically result "we apologize and will escalate the issue" or "your account doesn't exist" or "I have no idea but we will call you back (which Google rarely does...)"

This is extremely frustrating and very costly for my small business which relies very heavily on Google Adwords.

Given dozens of phone calls and multiple email have historically failed to rectify the issue, I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and/or has been able to resolve what has proven to be terrible customer service. Compounding the issue is the fact that Google Chat is perpetually unavailable and emails go largely unanswered. 

Generic email reply sent by Google multiple times with no services restoration:

"Dear advertiser,

Thank you for contacting our support team. We have reactivated your account and your active campaigns will resume serving within 24 hours.

Google is in the process of implementing a policy that disallows the use of credit cards for AdWords customers in certain Sales groups, and it seems your account was included in one of these segments. You should have been notified previously by one of our Sales teams, so sincere apologies if this is the first that you are hearing of this policy. If your account is in fact impacted by this policy, a member of our Sales team will be contacting you shortly with information on next steps.

If you are not in one of these impacted customer groups, your account can continue using credit cards without the risk of suspension.

Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience,

Google AdWords Support Team"

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AdWords Account Disabled -> Google can't reactivate

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Hi Kyle, 


Try using Google's Payment Options Tool: 


While you haven't exactly listed the reason for your ad/account suspension it sounds like, based on your email that because your account has such a large budget, AdWords prefers not to handle payments in the form of credit cards. 


Can you elaborate regarding the reason for your past suspensions? 


- Josh



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AdWords Account Disabled -> Google can't reactivate

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HI Josh,


Thanks for your reply.


Unfortunately I can't elaborate on why the ad was suspended. - Multiple phone conversations with Google suggest that hey don't know either, claiming to generally be at a loss, stating only that "it should never have been suspended" and "the ad will be restored with 24 hrs" (which is never the case).


Whereas I'm not what average monthly budgets are  for most, we're a very small business with a modest operating budget. - Between that, impeccable payment history and "it was disabled for reasons unknown" from Google staff, I'll suggest budget isn't likely a factor. 


I clicked on the link you provided (thank-you)  and it simply states that "You haven't signed up to pay for any Google services yet".


Chat is still not working, and attempts to reach Google through email, phone and social media platforms have all gone unanswered this week.  


I'm hoping Monday proves to be more fruitful but am at a loss for how to fix this.