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Ad not showing

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Hi. I'm new in Google Adwords. I just made an ad and when I search for the word there is no ads at all as this is a new concept I'm advertising for. Therefore I don't understand, why is my ad not showing when there is no competition?

I did check location matches and so.

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Ad not showing

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Hi @Camilla B,


There is a good summary of reasons why your copies do not display, at the link provided below.


***   Why you may not see your ad   ***


Hope the above will help you.




Ad not showing

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Hi, thanks for your answer, I already saw it but didn't help

Re: Ad not showing

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Hi @Camilla B,


I just made an ad and when I search for the word there is no ads

Are the ads approved?

Is your account still under review for billing verification?


As mentioned by @Lakatos, there may be several reasons.


Have you tried Ad preview tool(access the tool in the link shared by Lakatos) to check the real time status of your ads. If your ads are not running for any reason, this tool will let you know the reason.



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Re: Ad not showing

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be certain that the ad has been approved and there is enough budget.

approved ads show based on the bid and quality --
there must be enough budget to cover the bids.

an ad must have high enough quality and a high enough
bid, to win a slot within the ad-auctions, to be seen.

there is never no competition -- rather, google has
a minimum ad-rank threshold for the bid and quality,
for each ad-auction, regardless of any competition.

generally, never search for your own ad using live searches -- not seeing
an ad during a live-search does not mean that others are not seeing the ad;
also, searching for your own ads may lower click-through-rates and quality
so low that the ad is never seen; instead, inspect the impression statistics
in the ad-account -- or, if there are zero impressions for the ad, then the
ad-preview-and-diagnostics-tool may be used to help find possible issues.

if the ad is approved and has impressions, then the ad is being seen by others;
otherwise, either increase the bid, or improve the ad/website quality, or both.