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Ad not showing on client laptop

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Hi Guys, 


Would appreciate some help from you guys.

Currently, i have a campaign that is running on accelerated mode with a high budget, with avg ad position of 2.8.

when the client is checking his ad on his laptop or any laptops in his office, the ads are not showing. But it show on my laptop. 

There are ad visibility on other devices except those in his office.

Can i know what is the cause of this and how we can resolve this?

There is no IP exclusions for the campaign.




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Re: Ad not showing on client laptop

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Well... Apparently your client is checking to many times... Smiley Surprised  And the ad being tailored to user search pattern stoped showing...
The correct method to preview an ad without biasing / influence  the results is using the ad preview tool.


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Re: Ad not showing on client laptop

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Hi Matt,

I have faced this situation for my client also and i have increased the bid & optimized the ads and this issue has been resolved but i have also confirm to the client that please don't imaging that you will see every time your ads because campaign based on biding auction model (means so many competitors are bidding on the same keywords for achieve the positions and i have also confirmed that please don't focus on ads appearance other wise we have to bid more and spend more and lastly our campaign performance will hamper in terms of ROI.).

I have taken following actions in the campaigns:-

Increased the bid
optimized my text ads for keywords relevancy.
add callouts and sitelinks extensions

I hope this will help you.


Re: Ad not showing on client laptop

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Hi Anand,

Thanks for your reply.
Can you eloborate more on your point 2 on optimized ad text for keywords relevancy?
You mean keyword also showing in the display url?