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Ad not Serving

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I have set a campaign and given a bid of 5 Rupees for all keywords but unfortunately ads have not started serving because estimated bid for all keywords are 15 approx. 

I had also tried default broad but still not serving. My budget is limited and cannot bid 15. Can i still show my ads?

Ad not Serving

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Hi Amit,

it depends on lots of things -the kind of keyword you chose, the quality associated to your landing page...

in general if suggested bid is higher than your offer, your ad may not show up - even if you can try and see if ads go online even if slower.

by adding a broad option you risk to activate the ads for not relevant kw.

if i were you i would use very specific kw for your business, restrict the broad kw to broad+, exact, phrase and adding negative kw for not relevant views and i would try an automated adwords bidding option (the maximize click option) which would allow you to maximize your traffic in your budget.

then  - if you are looking for smaller cpc, you can consider cpc display campaign (they can generate more traffic at lower cpc)

what can you do: