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Ad is not Express

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Set up an express ad account and got an email saying the ad would be up and running in 24 hours. Sure to the word I got confirmation on the ad being live (even showed the ad on a mobile phone) so of I go and check the ad stats like the email requested. 

No ad stats are shown, Nothing at all no impression nothing.  Next stage was to see  why the ad was not live..OMG what the next three day unfold is just so outrageous.

7 phone calls

16 live chats

over 25 emails

and still no ad even though they say the ad was indeed ok .

So now I flip the table and make them understand that all the chats and phone calls are taking me away from my life job.  Here I charge them my going rate of £20 per hour. At no point did nay person say no we can not pay you, I even had a floor manager say they would look in to the account, and she was clear of the charges.  Total charge is £350 Google owe me for none display of the ad and for breach of contract. 

They have been served a Default notice for the payments.  

Today was the last day for the ad to be up and running, but still nothing.. Now here is the very frustrating issues and this is now they have put a restriction on the account saying I need to pay the balance of Zero as I have not paid for my ads.

Would love for you all to leave your comments...

Re: Ad is not Express

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Hi Steve,

Seems like you're pretty frustrated here. I'm just trying to read through your post and figure out what the first problem was, that made you need to call into Google? Is it that you couldn't see any of your traffic (impressions and clicks) for your ads? If so, you might be able to just change the Date Range at the top right hand corner to "All Time" and the most recent traffic and changes will show. I'd start there and then look under your "Ads" tab from your campaign. If an ad is showing or not it will say under the "Status" column, with a given reason of why it's not showing.

Good luck!

Re: Ad is not Express

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Thanks Ruthy.
I have pulled the ad since the offer dates have gone by.
Google today have said nothing wrong with the ad and they are running.. Funny since I removed the whole ad campaign.
I noticed the live chat has also been removed, so I need to call them again. This time I was told I had other accounts.. Not true.. After checking the status they did confirm a security for the payment was the reason why it happened, but I did tell them how on Earth can you ask a Bank to pay you Zero amount !. Any Bank will return this transaction.

They said I would get a call and email today explaining it all. to which I responded kindly telling them I will not be using the service again, so there is no need to do anymore, other than pay me the amounts Invoiced.

See how that one sits with them...LOL

Thank you for your kind return..Enjoy your day