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Ad dissaproved - Site Violates Policy - Site not working

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Hello Adwords community, 


I'm having an issue with my ads being approved. The website is working, i'm directing people to the proper landing page. Anyone know why they could be dissaproved? In the adwords account under policy details it says 

Site suspended Site violates policy
Site policies: Site not working

 Clicking on Site not working brings me here:

I wish that they could give you a direct answer instead of a page that has a bunch of different policies that you could not be meeting the requirements for. If they disapprove the ad shouldn't they know the exact reason why and state why?

The website I'm trying to send people to is

If anyone needs some more information to go by please ask!

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Ad dissaproved - Site Violates Policy - Site not working

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Hi Drew,


Did you read this part:


Find out why your site was suspended. Find ads that aren't showing because of the site suspension. In the Status column, hover over the white speech bubble next to the "Disapproved" status to learn which policy the site violates.


That should give you a clue.


If the reason is unrelated to your site (I just had this with a chiropractor being disapproved for "birth control"), you might need to remove any words from your site that are triggering it.


Also, because your site is health-related and has reviews, this is something Google regularly suspends sites for. The solution is a clear and obvious disclaimer stating that reviews are not typical and results can vary. Contact Google support and they should be able to tell you the exact requirements.





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Ad dissaproved - Site Violates Policy - Site not working

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My view: the issue here seems to be with the claims.

All claims about sleep must be within the commonly accepted claims /  postulates  by  the medical / scientific community. Claims that imply a cure of sleeping disorders,  OR claiming   that  the goods / devices   aimed to enhance restful sleep  are "reviewed and tested" -  are a violation of the Policy.


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Ad dissaproved - Site Violates Policy - Site not working

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Hi MosheTLV,


Thanks for the quick response and answer!