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Ad disapproved for circumventing systems

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I have had an ad that has run for ~6 months without issue. Today I got a notification that it was disapproved because it "Circumventing systems". I haven't made any changes to this ad, and it's just one of a couple of hundred that I manage. The ad copy is "Studying Stem Cells : Learn how stem cells are kept alive and how they are manipulated.". It refers to It's just a standard WordPress site and I don't do any of the things that seem to apply (cloaking, dynamic DNS, messing with the AdsBot crawler...).

I can't see any problem with this ad or the page it links to. Am I missing something? I don't know what I should change so the ad will be approved and run again.

Re: Ad disapproved for circumventing systems

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@Wayne P


I'm in agreement with you that this disapproval message may be in error.  I did a quick analysis of your page, and I did see one thing that is possibly triggering it.  Your Facebook comment plugin is returning a 302 redirect. You may want to check if that is up to date.  This disapproval was most likely generated programmatically, and this is possibly what triggered it being flagged. I am not certain of this, but it's the only thing out of the ordinary that I spotted.

I would try contacting phone support for a clarification on why this has happened. I think the fact that the ad was disapproved vs the entire account being suspended is a good sign that this is something minor that can be fixed, if not a false positive.

Ad disapproved for circumventing systems

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HI Wayne,

i had an add which was paused from almost 2 months and when it was not paused it is running normally. Today few hrs back i also revived same email notification of  "Circumventing systems" and i just removed the paused add & here is the copy of add.

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and its a standard wordpress website  I don't do any of the things that seem to apply (cloaking, dynamic DNS, messing with the AdsBot crawler...)

I don't know where i went wrong please guide me