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Ad Relevance Below Average despite keyword relevence

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I've been running an always- on campaign for over a year now. The price keeps changing, but the overall product, LP and Keywords are always the same.

Things had been running great, I'd achieved the lowest CPC I ever had in the campaign over the last few months.

Then last week I started running new ad groups in the campaign because there was a sale on the product - keyword relevance, in title, great LP, exact and broad matches... pure text book according to Google.

Day after i uploaded the new adgroups suddenly my QS dropped to below average, I dropped from 1st place to 2nd or 3rd, and have had to increase my bid by 25% to keep 1st position!

Searching the web I found that quite a few have tackled this problem, but none have an answer for it. 

My google account manager seems to be stumped on this as well.

Anyone have any suggestions? LP is great, with high relevance to keywords, and no new keywords were added.


Ad Relevance Below Average despite keyword relevence

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In my experience, whenever you split keywords into new ad groups, you are likely to take a setback on quality scores. Usually they will start to recover after a couple of weeks, with enough campaign activity.  


I tag them with labels that include the QS and the date; makes it easier to detect minute improvements over time.

Re: Ad Relevance Below Average despite keyword relevence

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Hi Steve

Thanks for the quick reply.

I haven't split the keywords up. Just added new ads to groups (according to the new sales promotion) and paused unrelated ones. Furthermore, the promotion we were running before this one was quite dim... the current promotion has excellent ads, specifying price, product, CTA... the landing page is way better...

I'm really scratching my head here and getting really frustrated! 

Ad Relevance Below Average despite keyword relevence

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In my experience the movement of Quality Scores have many mysteries.  For one thing, some of the shift in quality scores relates to what is going on with other sites; and some quality score metrics are only recomputed periodically on longer time frames. 


Google doesn't want us to know everything about Quality Scores; that's the way it's supposed to be.  They want advertisers to be constantly striving towards the ideals - high relevance, great user experience on the LP, etc.  If the secrets of QS were all out in the open, then they would be immediately gamed, destroying their usefulness in short order. 


In other words, you are SUPPOSED to be a little bit perplexed.  Just follow the guidelines and best practices, and you'll be fine over time. Remember, many campaigns perform quite well with less-than-ideal quality scores.