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Account suspended

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i created new mail id and setup new adwords account. after one day it come out from under review and spend the $20. second day it got suspended. it show the message your account has been suspended due to "suspicious behavior in the payment activity"

i could not under stand the reason behind it suspicious behavior in the payment activity. so please help me.

Account suspended

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 Hi Ashish, 


An account almost never gets suspended without a reason, it always has a valid reason. But, Google does not disclose the exact reason for every account. 


Want to ask that your previous accounts ever got suspended for the same reason? Did you use several CC to make payments? Was the payments denied several times? Was there any due on your previous account? 


If you have requested a review by contacting customer support and got the same reply, it seems to be a permanent suspension. If it is the case, nothing can be done and you can't advertise anymore.


Just recall If you have ever done a mistake.