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Account suspended for "suspicious billing activity"?

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Hi all,

I have an adwords account set up for a client from my Singapore office which the client prefers to have funded using his own credit card. The client is US based and as per a couple of threads here on the advertiser community, it is alright to have a card of a different country for an adwords account with a billing address of another.

My account was still suspended by adwords even before I got any impressions, now I am stuck for 2 weeks with $500 of my working capital in refunds.

Any idea why this could have happened?


Account suspended for "suspicious billing activity"?

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Badged Google Partner

Hello @Urvesh V,

An account can get suspended if it breaks the rules or appears to be connected with another account that breaks the rules. Here are some examples:

  • You repeatedly violated our policies.
  • You violated our policies in a big way and put our users at risk.
  • You didn't successfully submit payment for your advertising costs.
  • Your account appears to be closely related to an already suspended account.

However, google somethings do take the accounts in review just to inspect if the payments details are legit or not. They probably will renew the account in couple of days. 


But, if it does not get active in couple of days, you may read the this article to fix a suspended account.

And if you made manual payments and have credit remaining in your account, you can request a refund for those unused funds.

I hope this helps you Smiley Happy


Syed Sayem Mustafa


Account suspended for "suspicious billing activity"?

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hi Urvesh, 


for security purposes the bill address should match what is on the credit card.






Account suspended for "suspicious billing activity"?

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Payment details are legit and the account has been under review for 3 days until today when it got suspended. I have cancelled the account to initiate a refund.


Is there a way I can set up an account to use my client's American credit card to fund the account?



Account suspended for "suspicious billing activity"?

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Not as per this thread.