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Account suspended for being related to MCC account

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An MCC created an account to manage for a client. That account used the MCC's domain address in the payment profile. This was a standard practice for the MCC. At least 17 accounts are related in that way. Client was unaware of any related issues when they ended MCC control of their account almost 2 years ago. During that time, they continued to use and pay for adwords services without issue.


One day, last month, the client account was suspended for payment issues. After 4 weeks and 31 emails, we were able to determine that client account was related to 17 or more accounts because account had the MCC domain within the account structure, namely within the payment profile.


The outcome is the client account is suspended until all the other accounts are paid. How does this policy help prevent fraud and misuse?


If you are a MCC, please remove your information from the payment profile section. If one of your clients doesn't pay their adwords bill, you MCC account could be suspended.



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Account suspended for being related to MCC account

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Not sure I  fully understand what is "MCC's domain address in the payment profile." 

Anyway, this is the exact reason that if the agency wishes to settle the billing directly with a client a format of consolidated billing was created. Otherwise, each client should set, a payment method by itself. An MCC is a management  platform for  accounts. It does not  have the option for "one checkout" for all accounts.

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Re: Account suspended for being related to MCC account

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Thanks for the reply.


To clarify, the MCC used his domain-based email address in the client's Adwords account. Client made payments directly to Adwords to fund the account.


MCC owner created the Adwords account for the client and client paid MCC for managing her account. Two years after ending the business relationship, her Adwords account is suspended because several "related accounts" were not paid.


The accounts were deemed "related" because they all have the same domain-based email address (which belongs to the MCC) within the account structure.


Are these accounts actually related to her account? Or is this an issue that can be resolved with a communication to the right department?

Account suspended for being related to MCC account

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If your account is suspended for non-payment of "related accounts", the problem maybe that the person who set-up your account used an email address in the payment profile of your account that was used for other accounts that are now in default.


If someone else set up your account, review the payment profile and other settings for email addresses that do not belong to you.


Contact the Adwords team and explain the situation, ask that the relationship with your account be removed. 


Ask how you can make sure your account is not related to the wrong email address.