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Account limits for Keyword Planner?

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I have searched and not found a mention of the keyword planner usage limits.


As part of a keyword project I have been repeatedly pasting 1000 keywords at a time to gather search volume results. These results are being downloaded in .csv and subsequently used as input on a neural network. This is part of a long-term research project to be fed into our advertising programs around the web.


I was going pretty well through my list of words when the keyword planner stopped displaying results? Was I banned? Temporary account limit? Can someone fill me in on the acceptable use, since it appears I have crossed some kind of threshold.


many thanks,


Re: Account limits for Keyword Planner?

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Hi Noah,

You can upload csv or excel file with 3000 keywords for traffic estimation.


Re: Account limits for Keyword Planner?

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I had processed about 300,000 words, 1000 at a time by copy and paste. then
got some kind of server ban. My question pertains to the number of 1000
word requests that are permitted per day.

It seems to have re-set today, and I am allowed to access data again. But
getting an idea of where the actual limit is would be helpful.