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Account hacked

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Posting this here in the hopes of receiving some actual help from a human instead of an automated email.


My google account was hacked towards the end of last year and an AdWords account was set up. They racked up $71 on it before it was automatically cancelled due to suspicious activity. I set up 2-stage authentication on my google account as soon as I learned of the breach.


I had never even heard of AdWords until I started getting emails from them. I contacted AdWords and someone from the team (Vicky) contacted me telling me not to worry about the $71 dollars since my account was cancelled and nothing more could be done on it. Great, I thought.


I have recently started receiving more emails chasing me for this money which has nothing at all to do with me. Every time I send an email I get an automated response stating how high priority my email is and how a member of the team is looking into it and then I get another automated reply confirming that there has been suspicious activity on "my" AdWords account and it is suspended. I know! I even dug out the old email from Vicky from 6 months ago and sent her another email directly but had no reply.


Just this morning I have received another email chasing for payment but this time with the added threat of my account being passed to the collections team which could incur further charges.


All I want is some dialogue with an actual human to help me sort this out and get rid of this AdWords from my account and this money hanging over my head. Rather than it just being an annoyance it's becoming genuinely upsetting to have had all of my emails ignored (and just auto replied to) when all of the effort is coming from my side to try and clear this mess up. Mess which has nothing to do with me.





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April 2016

Re: Account hacked

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Hi Simon,

This is an online forum where typically advertisers try helping each other in writing. I understand you may want to make a phone call to talk to a human. On the help page linked-to below, you'll find appropriate office numbers dependent on your country of residence.

Worldwide Phone Support Information

I am sorry that I am not in a position to help you more.


Re: Account hacked

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Thanks but the phone route is putting me in an automated response loop because the account is suspended. Great. Automated Email loop, automated phone loop. What a complete farce.

Eventually got through to a human - they cannot do anything because the account is suspended. Their suggestion - "Send an email". Brilliant.