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Account Suspended: please escalate to Specialist team

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I am writing because my account as been suspended due to billing info not being able to be verified. I own the card, and have contacted my bank who have told me they have authorised Google's requests 3x. 


The support team has not been able to help me resolve this issue and get my account back and running so I would appreciate it if someone could escalate my issue to a specialist team who can contact me to resolve this over the phone.


Many thanks.

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Account Suspended: please escalate to Specialist team

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@Olivia F


We already discussed your case on below link:



Only google review team has access to check the account history and they can only take the decision. Also, they can only check that how a payment method is used in past. We don't have any authority to escalate the issue. You have only below form to contact review team.


Submitting appeal, again and again, will not help and it will make the suspension permanent.