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Account Suspended not sure why

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My google ad words account has been suspended and I have called google several times to find out why so I can correct the error but I have not gotten any concrete response.


I have deleted all my previous campaigns in the event those had any errors but still after two months now still no clue.  What can I do?

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February 2017

Account Suspended not sure why

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Opening a new account is not the answer, nor is deleting your campaigns.


The only solution is fix the problem (you will have received an email the mentions the policy where the problem is), and then let Google know.


If you can find that email and share the policy mentioned, and provide your site URL, someone here might be able to point out the problem.


Account Suspended not sure why

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You must fix the violations and resubmit the site for a review. Abandoning the account or deleting the campaign  is not a fix.

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Account Suspended not sure why

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My url is

The only email I keep getting from google is below.


Dear advertiser,

While reviewing your account, we found violations of our AdWords policies in this or a related account. As a result, your account has unfortunately been suspended, and your ads will no longer run on Google. 

For information on the terms associated with AdWords account use, please review our Terms and Conditions at

If you have a prepaid balance remaining in your account, you can request a refund at any time by following the instructions at

If you believe that you meet all of our Terms and Conditions and want to make an appeal, fill out the following form:

Please be aware that we can't process your request unless our Terms and Conditions are met.

We appreciate your cooperation.