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Account Suspended and no answer

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We recently created an account and had not even run any ads. 4 days ago I received the email stating:



We've identified suspicious behavior in the payment activity of your AdWords account or a connected account. To help prevent any unauthorized activity, we suspended your AdWords accounts and stopped your ads from running.

This suspension means that your ads in this account and any related accounts can no longer run, and you won't be able to open any new AdWords accounts. You can read more about AdWords' suspension policies at

If you believe that your account was suspended in error, please contact us through the AdWords Help Center:


We have filled out the appeal. We were told that Robert Krueger a manager in the escalation dept would be calling us to discuss. We are not getting anywhere and getting very frustrated. Any suggestions or idea how to actually speak to a live person? 

Account Suspended and no answer

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I had almost same issue for an account there were running ads for more than 3 years, and two weeks ago (1st July) we got same email from Google AdWords, that our account was suspended. 

I tried to submit an appeal 3 times, and usually get response during 30 minutes, with explanation, that if company website violated our terms, it could be suspended.


Looks like Google AdWords platform has some sort of automation rules, but now it has some problems