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Account Structure

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Hello everyone,


I have an issue I can't manage to solve about an account structure.


For now, I am running one campaign that I make sure doesn't run out of budget. Inside there is a loooot of Ad Groups (1214 to be precise) which all have a lot of keywords too.

I want to restructure it, in order to clean the useless AdGroups and Keywords. 


But my main issue here is : should I keep my single campaign or split it into others considering that I don't have a budget limitation ? Is there an other benefice than better montoring your performances and budget into doing so ? I am thinking precisely of a positive impact on quality scores ? I know it as an impact at the AdGroup level but I don't know if it has one as well at the campaign level.


Thank you for your advices,


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Account Structure

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generally, geography, demographics, and spend, should drive campaigns;
ad-themes, bid-adjustments, and negative-words, should drive ad-groups;
for shopping-ads, bid-strategies and business-goals should drive product-groups.


Account Structure

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Hi Elisa,


Consider managerial reasons for creating multiple, smaller campaigns, into themes based on:



Ad Position



New (needs more regular optimising) versus Old (stable, set and forget)

The person who manages them


if any of these sound like they fit you

Account Structure

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Account structure has nothing to do with keyword quality score... Yes - The more relevant the search query + ad content + landing page/website content combination, the higher the potential KW QS for that ad impression - But, there's no magical account structure diagram that is going to improve KW quality score. Smiley Happy


No more than 20 broad match KW's in a single adgroup, in a single campaign, could generate the same volume. Especially if you can't spend the budget as is. Clearly, it's not ROI which has driven this huge campaign structure. Adding more variants in more restrictive match types isn't going to increase volume. A handful of broader terms will cover all the profitable KW search inventory, and the long tail as well.


If you still have budget, then definitely add more campaigns. But, experiment with different campaign types and advertising strategies. I have yet to find anyone who has enough advertising budget to "max out" 100% of the potential display network. Smiley Happy You may have reached the point of diminishing return with search advertising in your target market, but search (and, KW QS) is not all there is to AdWords. Smiley Happy