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Account Access from Agency

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I've just started at a new company (client-side), and the agency doing our search is NOT using MCC and instead have created all the search accounts under their own personal account. They have a reporting dashboard but it is not good. I come from agency-side and simply need the hands-on access to AdWords.

Can they provide access to individual search accounts as opposed to their over-arching agency account?

Please let me know.

Account Access from Agency

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Hi @Matthew J


It does seem a little strange not to have access to the accounts.


I am pretty sure they could just add you as a user to each individual account and grant access. I wonder then if you could create your own MCC and group them in that way. Im pretty sure this is possible.


It is probably best practice that the accounts they work on are owned by you. There are a few posts on here that promote and encourage this.


Hope that helps?


Kindest regards