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Accidentally deleted my campaign!

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Today I was removing groups from my account that we no longer need and I accidentally deleted my entire campaign. I spoke to Google on the phone and they copied the deleted campaign and pasted it in as a new campaign.


Should this campaign perform as well as the previously deleted one? We're spending quite a lot of money daily and CPC is where the majority of our traffic comes from. I'd hate it to have a huge negative effect on our overall performance.

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January 2016

Re: Accidentally deleted my campaign!

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Hey Liam, how are things?

Adwords gathers around historical data for your keywords, meaning that even that this is a new campaign, Adwords have history on this and they should perform at the beginning better rather if you were starting for the first time with a new account.

Of course that this "new" campaign will not perform the same as the other right from the start, but it tends to recover in time with no problem, so no worries Smiley Happy If anything else was changed, don't need to expect huge negative effect.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Accidentally deleted my campaign!

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Thanks Leandro! Since Friday I haven't noticed any negatives at all to be fair! I'm getting the same amount of daily traffic as I was before thankfully!