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Access to Company Adwords account

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I recently came on board as the new marketing director at a non-profit organization. I've been able to gain access to the Google Brand account, the YouTube Channel and Google Analytics. I don't know how to access the Google AdWords account. The person who preceded me in this position linked an Adwords account associated with her personal gmail account to our Google Analytics account. Does this make sense? My questions:

- Should I ignore this old account and create a new one?

- Should I contact Google to transfer it?

- What are the best practices in this position? Seems like an account managed by a marketing director should not be made via their personal email. How is this generally managed so that the asset remains with the organization when the employee leaves?

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Access to Company Adwords account

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@Kathleen G

Using a personal account to run a business Adwords account is definitely not a practice recvommnede, but that should be enforced as part of the organization IT Policy. (Would the organization allow a business communication using a personal Gmail?..... - I doubt)


You should try to gain access to the account.  This will let you analyze past performances, and continue / relaunch past campaigns (assuming they performed well). Ask her to add  your company account to the AdWords  account,  and granting you  administrative access. Once you are  granted an access, terminate her access.

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Access to Company Adwords account

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Hi @Kathleen G,


Moshe is correct. To add more to this...


1) Gain access if at all possible (for the reasons Moshe stated). 

2) Google cannot transfer it for you. Whoever controls the account needs to add you as a user. It does not matter whether they use a personal or business email to control it... they can add a user to the AdWords account (which does not give anyone access to their email or Google account in any shape or form). I hear of many giving this excuse/reason why they cannot add someone, yet adding a AdWords user is not adding someone to their email/Google account.  


Review this information about adding a user to AdWords and this information about permissions of users.


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